I Opt For The Best Binary Options Broker, What About You?

Today I met an old friend of mine. As we had the day to day gossip, my friend kept surfing on his mobile. Once I interrupted to give his mobile a break so that we can have some friends chat. Then he brought his Smartphone right in front of me and showed me that he was doing Binary Options trading.

What is Binary Options trading?

He explained to me that with Binary Options I can do trading over a diverse set of assets in addition to the standard stocks and shares. Even more tempting is the fact that you can do the trading online by downloading the software from the trusted broker and exercise the options as per need. Some options brokers also offer No Deposit Binary Bonus wherein you can sign up for the demo account with some bonus amount. Once you get used to it, the same can be converted into live account.

Options Strategies

There is no set Best Binary Options broker. It is only with time that one can master the market corrections with some degree of accuracy. I opt for a neutral Binary Options Strategy to give me reasonable margin when the option is called for at the set time.

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How Should You Search On Binary Option Broker Before Recruiting Them?

I have a security trading account with a reputed broking firm. But I have stopped using it some time back due to market volatility. I wrote a mail to the broker to close my account and that I am not interested in stock trading anymore.

Binary Options Trading

A week ago I got a call from my broker with reference to the mail for closure of my trading account. The executive asked for the reason for closing the account. To this I replied that I find it difficult to operate my account and that the market is volatile. To this the executive suggested that if I was not interested in share trading due to market volatility then I must go in for trading in binaries. I asked her that I have very little idea of the binaries. She explained that in binaries trading the possible return offered by exercising a buy or sell option is know, which reduces the level of risk involved. That through Best Binary Options brokers trading I can exercise Call or Put options over almost any commodity or asset which has financial value attached to it. I interrupted the tele-caller in between and asked her to call me up again the next day.

Doing the Research

I have the habit of doing the homework before take a decision. So I opened the internet and surfed through various sites to gain a basic idea of the Binary Trading to make sure that there is something to in it for me. Then I typed in the address of the broker company in which I already had an account. It also talked of binary trading and the various commodities available for buying and selling option. After having read many articles I decided to go in for the trading. The idea of having some extra income also fascinated me.

Next day I was waiting for the call from the broker company. The call came and I picked it up. “Greetings of the Day, Mr. Arya! So what is your decision?” She asked. I confirmed that I wanted to keep the account. I asked her if anything else was required for the account and what was the brokerage for the trading? She explained that the company did not charge any fees for the trading. Its margins flow from the consolidation of expiry of options ‘in money and out of money’. Then I asked the executive to reset the account password as I was not able to operate it. She did that in no time and my account for set for the Binary Options Trading.

Strategies in Options trading

Later I went to the broker website to have some understanding of the Binary Option Strategy. There is very educating material on the internet on the option strategies. I found some idea of bull, bear and neutral types of Binary Options Strategy of trading. I have even configured the Binary Options Broker on my Smartphone and enjoy the latest options available for buying and selling. It keeps me updated all the time. I can check the invested amount and place my options with no hassle.

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How I Chose The Best Binary Option Brokers?

I got an online securities trading account with a reputed broker firm two years back. Since then I have traded in numerous shares. I have made a lot of profit from share trading with a few losses to cite. I had not dealt in the Binary Options until recently. It so happened that I was looking through my online trading account when I caught sight of ‘OPTIONS’ tab on the right hand corner of the account page. I clicked it out of curiosity and it opened up a whole new world to me.

Binary Options

The Best Binary Options brokers showcased a number of financial assets to choose from wherein I could exercise a Call or Put option. One relief as compared to the share trading was that the probable return from exercising a Buy or Sell option was known well in advance. This gave me a certain degree of confidence to go in for the trading. The more luring reason to go in for the binary trading was the wide spread of options available for trading ranging from stocks and shares to currencies, gold, silver etc almost anything that has financial worth to it.
As with technology, trading has also evolved over the years. Now I can have the access to all binary trading right on the Mobile. Most binary trading platforms are mobile compatible giving you ease of trade on the go.

Binary Options Trading Strategy

Yes, there is strategy involved when it comes to exercising options in binary trading. If it was not so, then all would have either gone rich or all would have lost it. Binary Options Strategy is not bookish and comes only with time and experience. Opting for a Bear or Bull strategy will depend upon your perception of the market and the traders. I am always vigilant of the other traders and continuously keep in touch market movements and act with my own Binary Options Strategy. The only thing to be watched out for is not to blindly follow what others are doing.

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What I Did In Order To Get Myself The Best Binary Option Broker?

I have always been fascinated by the idea of making big money with the minimal efforts. One day at the office I got a call from a stock broking company. The executive asked me if I had a share trading account. I simply said no. Then he asked me if I wanted to open an account as this was the right time to make investments in stocks and earn handsome profits. For a while I recalled one of my colleagues doing online trading in the securities. I asked the executive to show up at the office and explain about it in detail. I invited two of my colleagues to join me for the meeting with the executive including the one who was already into trading.

Online Trading in Binaries

After greeting us, the executive went on with the presentation on how we can profit from trading. Looking at the volatility of the market we asked him if there was a securer product for trading with lesser degree of risk and something that is easier to handle. The executive took a deep breath and spoke, “In that case gentlemen I would suggest you to go for the Binary Options trading. To make the trading even more easily and game for profit, our company provides user friendly software. The software comes with a security key to have authorized access to your account.”

Then the executive explained to us the fundamentals of Call and Put options and that the trading can be done for any financial product. He further elaborated to go for Best Binary Options Brokers while trading to have the most profitable combination of buying or selling options.

Trading on the GO!

I looked at my Smartphone and asked the executive if I can get the software installed on my phone. To this he answered with a cheer, “Sure Sir. We have the app for you to have access to the options while you are on the move, so that you don’t miss a chance of making profits no matter where you are. ”

The three of us were excited and full of vigor. I got the software configured on my Smartphone with the help of the executive.

Making Money made easy

I must say it is so much fun making money. I never thought it would be that easy. Now few more additions have joined our group who are trading in the binaries. I have now mastered the Options Strategies and Spreads to some extent and the best Buying or Selling combination that will be profitable. I can make out with certainty whether to go for a Call or Put option.
These days’ people take my advice when going for trading in the binaries. I feel awed by the very fact of it. Apart from a few loses I happen to have made good deal of extra money by trading in the options. I get all the updates from my broker company and also the tips on the Buy or Sell options on the go.

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